Body Language Training

The Non Verbal Advantage 

Body language is an essential part of human communication and interactions. Master creating a favorable first impression, increase your charisma, look and sound more confident, and learn to read others reactions.  Increase your message, multiply your success.

Learn the laws of body language, trust indicators, negative non-verbals and vocal power. See how these can be successfully applied to cyber and physical security. Not only will you be able to use them to encode your own non verbal communication, but also to decode other and detect deception.

Body Language for security professionals

While learning non verbal communication can be a game changer in your day to day life, it can also be the key to your success for social engineering engagements, as well as help you to detect such attacks. Impersonation, voice elicitation and physical access all require you to master non verbal skills in order to achieve your objectives.

This training is perfect for security teams, investigators and red teams.

Presentation skills

The difference between a successful and memorable presentations often lies in the body language displayed in front of your audience.  Do you look confident?  Do you appear knowledgable?  Does your slides and mouvement demonstrates your professionalism? Can you create a bond between you and your audience? Good presentation skills is deemed to be an essential asset for managers and leaders.  Learn how to avoid common non verbal pitfalls and how to properly use your slides and your space.

This training is a must for anyone that has to present their work or results in front of an audience.

Negotiation Skills

Being able to properly decode the other person's emotions, and avoid to leak out your own emotions, is a key aspect of negotiation.  Learning non verbal communication and key negotiation tactics thatcan significantly help you to achieve your objectives and surpass your expectations.

Please note that all services are available in both English and French.