Cyber Security

Cyber Awareness

Your best defence will always be your employees.  Many major compromises are due to human error, yet most employees are simply oblivious to the level of the threat and are not equipped to detect these types of attacks.  From teaching basic security measures, such as keeping passwords safe and not clicking on suspicious links in emails, to advanced techniques used in impersonation attacks and other advanced social engineering tactics, cyber awareness training should be at the centre of your security efforts.  

Social Engineering

Cyber attacks usually have a human element to it.  See how such attacks are planed and executed by advanced adversaries and learn how to detect them and prevent them from succeeding.  Presentations and trainings on social engineering tactics can be made specific to yours needs, whether your main concerns are email phishing, USB baiting, Vishing, SMShing or impersonation attempts.  We have all the most commonly used hacking tools to demo so that you can detect these devices if used in your environment.

During these trainings, topics such as the use of influence and elicitation techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.

Tests and audits can also be performed to help you assess your biggest weaknesses and identify the most pressing training priorities.  Testing your employees against email phishing, phone elicitation, using infected USB keys, or physical access can help you better understand your immediateneeds.

Physical Access

Oftencompanies will spend significant resources on defending their networks but will overlook basic security measures such as door locks and physical access.  Audits can be made to identify your weakest points and learn what you need to improve to prevent social engineers to gain physical access to your network and compromise it from within.


Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) is used in nearly all advanced cyber attacks.  An audit of your online footprint will reveal to which attacks you might be subjected to.  This will also teach you on how to avoid revealing information that can be used by attackers.

Please note that all services are available in both English and French.