Public Speaking

Keynote Speaker

Would you like to have a dynamic keynote speaker that will leave a lasting impression and wow your audience?  We have a variety of topics to use for your keynote : non verbal communication offers limitless possibilities, as well as cyber awareness and social engineering tactics.  We will be able to find a topic that will be most interesting to you audience.  Our speaker is certified in non verbal communication and will make sure to keep your audience engaged and entertained.  We have given hundreds of presentations in the past years ranging from small groups to 500+ attendees.  Non verbal communication for security professionals and social engineers is a very unique niche that will be sure to captivate your audience.

Available Training

The Following Trainings are Available 

- Body Language and non verbal communication (2 hours, half day, full day or 2 days workshops)

- Detecting Social Engineered Attacks (1 hour to a full day)

- Cyber Awareness (1 hour, 2 hours, half day)

Please note that all services are available in both English and French.